Harrier brings to the foray an evolution of Tata Motors’ award winning design philosophy. Impact Design 2.0 is a contemporary expression of our design language that grabs the attention of the viewer with exciting proportions, expressive surfaces and extraordinary detail.

Engineered for exhilaration. Witness the Harrier prove it mettle not once, but through many tests. Read More>

Harrier engineered on the all new Optimal Modular Efficient Advanced Architecture -  promises to bring dynamism in every drive. Watch the video & learn about Tata Harrier’s architecture, based on Land Rover D8’s legendary pedigree! #BornofPedigree #ComingtoLead2019.

Torture Test

The Harrier sits on lightweight, robust suspension system that gives the car great legs and enhance the performance features of OMEGARC. With Unique innovations that offers a new level of driving experience

4 Poster Test

Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), also known as noise and vibration (N&V), is the study and modification of the noise and vibration characteristics of vehicles, particularly car

Water Wading Test

No rain, no water-logged paths can keep the mighty Harrier from dominating every terrain, thanks to . Witness the incredible power of the SUV being tested in the water-logged test track.

Superior performance, lies at its heart. Read More>

Harrier Test - Ladakh
Conquering the treacherous terrains of Ladakh is no easy feat! Watch Tata Harrier’s cutting-edge 2.0L engine & that’s derived from Jaguar Land Rover's D8 architecture, make it easy to tame such extremities with flair.
Harrier Test - Jaisalmer
Derived from the Jaguar Land Rover's D8 architecture - and built with the cutting-edge 2.0L diesel engine, the Harrier maintains its cool even in extreme temperature. Catch a glimpse of the SUV that’s #BornOfPedigree, being tested in the scorching heat of Jaisalmer with utmost ease.
Harrier Test - Natrax
Watch Harrier being tested at Natrax, Asia’s largest proving ground, to battle it out & deliver a stellar drive experience! Check out how the Harrier performs on the single & double lane change and fish-hook tests to prove its grip and exceptional manoeuvring.
The all-new 2.0L diesel engine, benchmarked against global standards of performance & refinement, is all set to power the Harrier

Harrier has been engineered on the all new Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced Architecture developed in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover. The architecture is derived from Land Rover’s legendary D8 architecture and adapted to suit Indian conditions by Tata Motors engineers. Key technical parameters like wheelbase, door apertures, front suspension architecture, seating and steering positions have been carried over from the D8 architecture. With outstanding ability, performance and durability built into the architecture design, Harrier promises to provide an exhilarating driving experience.

The is a monocoque construction that uses advanced lightweight and high tensile materials, chosen to meet stringent performance standards and at the same time deliver class-leading safety. The Torsional and Bending Stiffness of the architecture has been optimized keeping in mind the Indian driving conditions. The isolated sub- frame design helps to minimize noise caused by severe impacts such as speed humps and maintain vehicle stability in diverse driving terrains.

Harrier, engineered for the next level of driving dynamism.

Cutting Edge Kryotec 2.0 L Diesel Engine

The best in Diesel Engine Technology is here. The all- new KRYOTEC is engineered to deliver exceptionally refined drivability and performance on every drive. This 4- cylinder, next generation diesel engine is not just equipped with state of the art engine management system, the exhaust after treatment systems are also tuned to deliver extremely low carbon footprint.

The Multi Drive Modes are a part of Tata Motors product DNA and the KRYOTEC engine takes it to the next level by marrying the Multi Drive Modes to the Terrain Response Modes of the ESP. The Advanced Electronically Controlled Variable Geometry Turbocharger (eVGT) will ensure excellent power & pickup to take on any terrain. The KRYOTEC comes with Low Friction Valve Train Architecture and an Advanced EGR to deliver exceptional fuel economy and to meet stringent emission requirements

This engine has been tested extensively on Harrier for endurance under harsh conditions and optimized for performance by pushing it to its extremes.

The all-new Kryotec engine. Engineered for Exhilaration

Harrier is the first vehicle from Tata Motors reflecting the IMPACT Design 2.0 philosophy. IMPACT Design 2.0 is a contemporary expression of Tata Motors design language that grabs the attention of the viewer with exciting proportions, expressive surfaces and extraordinary details. The new Harrier will bring extraordinary exterior design, thoughtfully and intelligently designed plush interiors and future-ready connectivity and infotainment.

The dramatic curves and expressive design of Harrier will empower it with a striking road presence and push the boundaries of what an SUV could be. The exteriors will be designed to give the vehicle a stance like no other while the strong proportions will give the vehicle incredible road presence.

The interiors will be crafted to deliver a feeling of endless luxury and space with a class-leading choice of materials, features and infotainment systems. The interior design will be clean, clutter-free and a perfect balance of design and practicality. The use of high quality materials will enhance the in-cabin experience. Premium and luxurious colour combinations will adorn the interiors alongside HMI user interfaces that are intuitive and clear.

Harrier, built to mesmerize with its IMPACT Design 2.0.